Full Moon Energetic Updates with Marianne Lane – November 18 -2021

Full Moon Energetic Updates

Welcome to Full Moon Energetic Updates with Marianne Lane, where we perform cleansing and healing in extensive areas and for the earth.     You can choose to say yes to actively taking part in the work, and you do this by being online or by listening to the video afterward while the energy is […]

Planned tour to USA in 2022

Since 2012, Marianne Lane has traveled around the world to various places where she has been guided to do energy work. Energy work supporting the new era of landing on Earth. In connection with the trips, the teaching is open, both for the participant on the trip and for the participants in teaching and courses […]

What is: Healing – Marianne Talks about healing in this video

New video on “The Void Of Consiousness” Marianne talks about healing in this first episode og “What is: Healing”. Healing is a transfer of energy facititated by the healer. What is the intention of healing? When did we start studying healing? https://youtu.be/bg8QZREmKnA

The Dimensions that open up in The New Era

The New Era - Dimensions

I had a written exchange with one of my colleagues last night. She wrote that she had experienced something in the 7th dimension that she would like to share with me. It’s so important to me that when we communicate about that kind of thing in a way that we are not going to fight […]