Starlight Update - The Total Reset

In the session we work in the energy and open through

  • Your karmic themes
  • Your lineages that create the karmic themes
  • What barriers and inhibitions they have provided and provide in your life
  • Your soul’s mission in relation to your karmic themes
  • Your strengths and everyday potentials that they have given you
  • The support of your soul’s experiences from the stars is obtained and used to open forces and experiences for redemption and reset in your life here and now
  • We open to the mission of your soul and what channeled words come to you to open it
  • We open to your vision for the next period of time – through the challenges you have in life right now and see the benchmarks they provide

Please read the criteria for booking a Starlight Update – Click the link below.

A session with Marianne

Marianne has a special warm hearted and though direct meeting with all that you are. In this session you will be seen and guided into your liberation – the next level and the deeper meeting with your self.

Please note, that all sessions are online and will be held in english. When you book please be sure that you type the correct email address. (We will send you a link to the meeting). You are welcome to record the session. If you want Marianne to record and send the file afterwards please tell her at the beginning of the session. 

The session lasts 45 minutes – You get an audio file.

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