Session with healing

Session with healing - Marianne uses her ability as a seer

Marianne has a special warm hearted and though direct meeting with all that you are. In this session you will be seen and guided into your liberation – the next level and the deeper meeting with your self.

Please note, that all sessions are online and will be held in english. When you book please be sure that you type the correct email address. (We will send you a link to the meeting). You are welcome to record the session. If you want Marianne to record and send the file afterwards please tell her at the beginning of the session. 


Hi Marianne, Hope you are well. I wanted to express to you (in case I haven’t made this clear last fx time we spoke) that it was after your healing that the ear ringing gradually stopped for me. I had tried lots of thigs before (acupuncture, cranial sacral, mainstream medicine…) and nothing had shifted. Thank you so much – I’m so grateful! Best wishes, Kate


Kate Olsen

‘Marianne brings an experience of active grace. A bathing in your own beingness, a re-connection and re-kindling of the pure essence of your soul. I have felt old patterns soften and shift; wordlessly and effortlessly dissolve…. I wholeheartedly recommend Marianne’s work. The only thing i can liken it to is a counselling session with 100 angels at your side! Also, if you have children in your life please talk to Marianne about them as she brings an exceptionally keen and insightful approach to working and being with your children. The healing she has sent to my adopted son has been a deep blessing, she has held him in the hollow of her hand. Thank you Marianne.’


Leah Findlay