Starlight Update

Starlight Update - The Total Reset

In the session we work in the energy and open through


  • Your karmic themes.

  • Your lineages that create the karmic themes.

  • Your karmic blocks: The barriers and inhibitions they have caused and still cause in your life.

  • Your soul’s mission concerning your karmic themes.

  • Your strengths and everyday potentials that they have given you.

  • The support of your soul’s experiences from the stars is obtained and used to open forces and experiences for redemption and reset in your life here and now.

  • We open the mission of your soul and what channeled words come to you to open it.

  • We open your vision for the next period of time – through the challenges you have in life right now and see what benchmarks they provide.

The criteria for reception are

  • I have the flexibility in my everyday life to chose what I want to spend my time on.
  • I have not been stressed or had mental challenges within the last six months.
  • I do not have a recurring mental imbalance that I work with.
  • I am not in the process of a personal grieving process or a major change in my life, such as a job change or relocation.
  • I am ready to see everything from a new perspective.
  • I need a change in my life.
  • I can feel that there is something that weighs me down and holds me back that I would like to get rid of.
The session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes – you get a written contraction of the content and an audio file with energy to hear and restart the healing.