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The Dimensions that open up in The New Era

I had a written exchange with one of my colleagues last night. She wrote that she had experienced something in the 7th dimension that she would like to share with me. It’s so important to me that when we communicate about that kind of thing in a way that we are not going to fight over definitions or right and wrong. Since she has not really received the same education as I have – then we started by asking each other questions so we could trace ourselves to “the same line”.

In the dialogue, I ended up writing how I experience the dimensions from 7D to 12D. My entrance has been through the access of the American shaman Jonette Crowley, which she has opened up to over the years with the cosmic guide Mark for all of us on earth. I find that Jonette has done a great job of opening up to the dimensions and making them accessible.

After being introduced to Mark through Jonette, it turned out to my great amazement that I had already been in contact with him for quite some time – but that’s a whole other story. After the introduction, I also knew “who he was”. Together with Mark, I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to step in with support – both in my own inner journeys and in channeled meditations and teaching, where I have gained my own experiences and understandings. When I read them as they landed on the screen I thought, “it might be a good idea to share this with others too”, so I do it here.

As the colleague wrote, it is a very structured and detailed way of looking at the dimensions that I have achieved. Maybe because in my foundation I am an engineer and a science-based human being who reaches into the inner dimensions. The experiences we get in the inner dimensions, the inner worlds, are based on our own starting point and our way of asking questions to ourselves and to reality. Therefore, they get our stamp when we meet it from our starting point.

Many other consciousness workers talk about humanity landing right now in 5D – in my inner journeys and understandings, I have been shown that we are moving directly on to the 7D possibility, which is already landing on earth. When so many people say something other than me, I am always very careful about it until I get confirmation from other places that they see the same thing as me. But I still take my inner insights as a starting point when I work on landing the understandings that come to me.

I have seen and learned that we as humans hold over 1D to 7D and with the influence of the soul reach 13D. I assume that the Energy System of the New Age starts from 7D and continues to 13D. I experience that we as consciousness and energy workers can reach in our consciousness to 12D so far, and reach towards 13D. It means full breakthrough to the unlimited possibilities of the soul. For me and several of those with whom I have worked. modern shamans Rebekka Lassesen and Helle Swyrtz, we have seen that the unconditional accesses appear as a rainbow, which illustrates the opening into the other worlds, which are above and below our own level.

The colleague with whom I communicated could recognize this. She also knew she was standing somewhere in the consciousness with the 7D level as the bottom. She described her experience of the 7D level. I was a little confused because it looked like a mix of what I experience from the different dimensions. Therefore, I briefly wrote the glimpses of definitions for the different dimensions from 7D to 12D, what applies to the individual dimensions:

7D corresponds to the pure entrance of the soul and is where the conscience comes first. We cannot deny our conscience, but we can still deceive ourselves because thoughts and feelings can subside and react faster than we can keep up. Our senses open naturally into intuition, so that our intuitive understanding and contact slide in and complement our day consciousness quite simply. In energy work, it is the level out of place, the holographic level, I think Jonette calls it, where remote healing simply exists.

8D is the level at which time does not exist. So the timeline, which is often used in energy work, exists in the 8th dimension, for example – The dream layer opens up here and releases experiences that we cannot handle with our everyday starting point. That is, we begin to be able to deal with trauma with the help of the soul. We can not deceive ourselves here, because both thoughts and feelings can not run away. It allows us to begin to see ourselves from the outside and inside. We can string and begin to lose experience in DNA by visions – but only the lightest – which corresponds to the first level of transcoding.

9D is the dimension of first creation. Here we as human beings can carry the understanding of the soul directly in and integrate it without struggling with it. We can face trauma without struggling with them. We can also begin to rule over our unconscious energy and capture our reactions before they are triggered. In the energy we can pack and shift energy work and start stepping in through portals almost physically – this part rises for each dimension up to 13 D. Here opens the second level of recoding, where we can get rid of inherited settings that we have carried all our lives. 9D is also the soul’s first entry into René, where past lives help in 7D and 8D.


10D is the first real transcoding dimension and also the first real creation and manifestation dimension. Man understands the edges of science from the inside out, which means that even though the brain may not keep up, we know from the inside how everything is connected. It is natural to begin to close the gap between faith and knowledge. Empathy is expanded and it is easy to draw from the experiences of the soul. This is also why healing on genealogy and archetypal trauma works.

11D you no longer use to remember, but retrieve more directly from archive – healings are created almost directly without displacement. Clairvoyance is contact and contact is clairvoyance – coding complements recoding. As a human being, you can take responsibility for others without losing responsibility for yourself and vice versa – you can no longer cheat yourself and you begin to experience inner peace in considerable quantities. You get the opportunity to step in as a real energy worker, where you can let the soul take the reins and use you as a master jackal doll, without losing your integrity, because what happens in that state is always in total accordance with everything you are .

12D is the manifestation dimension, where you get what you want, but also have control over what you want, in a way so that everything in you is with and agrees on what you want. Therefore, it begins as you wish it to be very simple. Maybe almost philosophical to others, but concrete to yourself. You can not cheat yourself in relationships. In the energy work, you are involved on a planetary level and have direct contact with everything you need to have contact with. You know your limitations and strengths both as a human being and an energy worker. Guilt, shame and inferiority evaporate and become pure pain which contains Love You are hired in and have a position and a contract which is negotiated. Both a general but also occasionally to the apartment. Ie. that your concrete consciousness begins to break through the memory loss.

There are probably other descriptions that have different focus and a different depth or height. Others are already far ahead and may have ingested 13D. I have been told in my inner guidance that I am being followed by the front of the wave of awakening, where the majority of the earth’s population is entering together. I believe in it and experience it inside, but I can not always explain it. I see the signs and am excited to see if it continues and becomes more and more apparent. I’m waiting for 13D to open up as an opportunity for us who are on the front of the wave, and am excited about what it comes with.

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