Energetic Med Bed

The energetic technology is brought to you from the cosmic society. It is a natural state of consciousness you could reach by numerous ways. With Energetic Med Bed you reach this state of being in your sleep and it will grow throughout time. Your part of the work is the acknowledgement of the change it brings you.

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Marianne brings an experience of active grace. A bathing in your own beingness, a re-connection and re-kindling of the pure essence of your soul. I have felt old patterns soften and shift; wordlessly and effortlessly dissolve.... I wholeheartedly recommend Marianne's work. The only thing i can liken it to is a counselling session with 100 angels at your side!
Also, if you have children in your life please talk to Marianne about them as she brings an exceptionally keen and insightful approach to working and being with your children. The healing she has sent to my adopted son has been a deep blessing, she has held him in the hollow of her hand. Thank you Marianne

New Era Consciousness – Online live Teachings plus updates

With over 10 years of experience, Marianne Lane holds a teaching space led by inner guidance that is aligned with the new era energies.

Marianne will share access to this field with participants in the teachings, allowing you to have the knowledge of how it works and giving you the simple tools required to keep the access, and use it for maintenance of your own growth and connection.

We meet Two hours twice a month – 11€ pr month

One of the participants have shared this:


“I can recommend these sessions as an alternative approach to try to capture both positive and negative thoughts/feelings/sensations that have proven elusive, maybe for many years. She is genuine and authentic in her commitment to help and attempts to ground nebulous concepts in reality while emphasizing that it practically adds life quality. This also means that she is not afraid of hard work or setting a high standard of engagement. It might be of special interest to those that feel stuck in their heads 😉

Marianne Lanes International YouTube Channel

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  • Pray for Peace
  • Teachings
  • Healings

Full Moon Energetic Updates with Marianne Lane

Welcome to Full Moon Energetic Updates with Marianne Lane, where we perform cleansing and healing in extensive areas and for the earth.

At present, a pillar network of light has been established, activated, and risen above the earth to support the raising of consciousness of the earth.

  • We meet online – only Marianne will have the camera on.
  • Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of the prerequisites for energy work. You will receive detailed guidance along the way.
  • Participation is free.
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This video is will give you a healing that brings you in to the consciousness state of the new era. The healing is given to you by Marianne Lane and is called Life Force Enlightenment LFE. The healing opens your energetic field and energy in to the balance, that you are about to reach and helps to release the knots and blockages that comes from living with issues and rebounds from the old era consciousness – It helps you in to the deeper relaxed contact with your self and gives a more clear sight both internal and external. It is a true new era healing and is thus intelligent and adjust to the receiving person – adjusting to what suits them the best right here and right now. I hope you enjoy the healing and it will be highly appreciated if you would comment with your experience with the healing and share it, if it feels right.

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About Marianne Lane

I am originally trained as an engineer and have previously worked as a specialist and project manager. I have loved working at the university conducting research, where we used molecular biology to investigate microbial degradation of environmental pollutants. Furthermore, I have enjoyed working on research and development within engineering science.

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