Marianne Lane

Marianne Lane is an esteemed and well-recognized energy worker with a unique seer capacity.

She works as an intuitive with a strong connection to higher beings and fields of wisdom. Since 2012, she has consistently worked with the goal and benefit of bringing new era possibilities to as many people as possible, benefiting from this.

Marianne Talks about the new era

New Era Consciousness – Online live Teachings plus updates

With over 10 years of experience, Marianne Lane holds a teaching space led by inner guidance that is aligned with the new era energies.

Marianne will share access to this field with participants in the teachings, allowing you to have the knowledge of how it works and giving you the simple tools required to keep the access, and use it for maintenance of your own growth and connection.

We meet Two hours twice a month – 11€ pr month

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Marianne Lane

Marianne Lane talks About the New Era

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This is a Cosmic teaching that open the soul keys. Your soul contains elements. The soul elements are represented in every soul in different ways. The elements are related to the closure of the original cosmic wisdom and knowing – and are thus now the keys to the opening. In your life the soul elements keep secrets to the releasing of the shadows and the opening of the light being. This opens the keys to balance, power and your personal access to the wisdom.

In every teaching we will meet

The Element: The Soul Element with the perspectives of the consciousness state that the element contains

The Shadow: The related shadow and the pro and cons it carries – how do you work with the shadow to find balance and open the element.

The Light Being: The connected light being and the areas to be aware and to take care – how do you use the light being to keep balance and open the powers.

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Maybe you’ve heard of the New Age. Since 2012 Marianne Lane has worked to gain understanding and knowledge, such as:

  • Help to bridge the gap between what you experience in your everyday life, and what we all experience as a society as challenges.
  • Being open for simple and spiritual explanations of what can be experienced as spiritual and magical possibilities.
  • Show you the competencies you already have, where you are in terms of insight and understanding. Very simple exercises can help get yourself to a better place here and now, and in the long run.

This will be the first of a webinar series – several webinars will be held over time.

Full Moon Energetic Updates with Marianne Lane

Welcome to Full Moon Energetic Updates with Marianne Lane, where we perform cleansing and healing in extensive areas and for the earth.

At present, a pillar network of light has been established, activated, and risen above the earth to support the raising of consciousness of the earth.

  • We meet online – only Marianne will have the camera on.
  • Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of the prerequisites for energy work. You will receive detailed guidance along the way.
  • Participation is free.
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This video is will give you a healing that brings you in to the consciousness state of the new era. The healing is given to you by Marianne Lane and is called Life Force Enlightenment LFE. The healing opens your energetic field and energy in to the balance, that you are about to reach and helps to release the knots and blockages that comes from living with issues and rebounds from the old era consciousness – It helps you in to the deeper relaxed contact with your self and gives a more clear sight both internal and external. It is a true new era healing and is thus intelligent and adjust to the receiving person – adjusting to what suits them the best right here and right now. I hope you enjoy the healing and it will be highly appreciated if you would comment with your experience with the healing and share it, if it feels right.


Videos with energy teachings and healing – Energetical Power Teachings with modern shaman of the new era Marianne Lane

Get the first teaching for free! Click the link below.

Welcome to these teachings – Energetic Power Teachings – to which you can attend through these videos. You will receive the teachings in the energy, as well as in the words.

You can receive these lessons, as you like, but it is recommended, that you receive them in order by number one lesson after another in the same module.

Starlight Update - The Total Reset

The session lasts 2 hours – you get a written contraction of the content and an audio file with energy to hear and restart the healing.

In the session we work in the energy and open through

  • Your karmic themes
  • Your lineages that create the karmic themes
  • What barriers and inhibitions they have provided and provide in your life
  • Your soul’s mission in relation to your karmic themes
  • Your strengths and everyday potentials that they have given you
  • The support of your soul’s experiences from the stars is obtained and used to open forces and experiences for redemption and reset in your life here and now
  • We open to the mission of your soul and what channeled words come to you to open it
  • We open to your vision for the next period of time – through the challenges you have in life right now and see the benchmarks they provide

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Energetic Power Teaching for Business

For entrepreneurs & fiery souls

You learn to use awareness training and supporting energies in your business and your business development in accordance with yourself – your strength, your path, your competencies. To ensure that you develop with your business and your business develops with you.

The teaching is based on concrete project management tools and sales science