Planned tour to USA in 2022

 Since 2012, Marianne Lane has traveled around the world to various places where she has been guided to do energy work. Energy work supporting the new era of landing on Earth. In connection with the trips, the teaching is open, both for the participant on the trip and for the participants in teaching and courses when Marianne Lane has returned home from the trips. The more than 25 tours, have been spread out over the ground and have been with only a few participants or with large groups of up to 50 participants.

You can join one of the spiritual journeys if you can be in a group and take care of yourself. No special skills or special training are required. But you need to be ready for long days with a lot of channeled information and high energy. For many participants, there is also an intense process in the energies up to and after the journey.


If all goes well, the next trip is to the United States, Maine in april or may 2022 – Just as there will be a retreat in the Algarve in Portugal in 2022

Dates and locations will be announced on this page and Facebook.


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