Live "full moon energetic updates"

Welcome to Full Moon Energetic Updates with Marianne Lane, where we perform cleansing and healing in extensive areas and for the earth and for people. There will be a different focus from time to time, depending on current opportunities and influxes, therefore, each full moon will have its own focal point and work.

Full Moon Energetic Updates takes place once a month. We meet online – only Marianne will have the camera on. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of the prerequisites for energy work. You will receive detailed guidance along the way. Participation is free. Join the facebook group to participate.

Live "pray for peace"

Pray for Peace with modern nordic shaman Marianne Lane:

We meet online for half an hour and open for the manifestation of our own and the mutual prophecy, for the new era on earth.An opportunity to be and carry the consciousness from a whole new, stable and healthy place.


The events can be streamed online live once a month on our facebook page.