About Marianne Lane

In 2011, Marianne Lane had a spiritual awakening, where she began to gain insights and develop an inner opening. This started what she describes as an awakening that was painful and interesting at the same time. It wasn’t an easy awakening but at the same time it helped her gain a deeper understanding of what she has really balanced throughout her life.

After a couple of years of expansion and inner enlightenment, Marianne began to teach the insights and understandings she has gained. She began to channel spontaneously on a course and has worked as a channeler ever since.


The development accelerated both inside and outside during the first years, and in December 2013 she decided to stop working as an engineer to devote herself fully and completely to her new work as a channeler and communicator.

About The Void Of Consiousness

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The channeled teachings are delivered by Marianne Lane and include both words and energies – opening the entrance into the void of consciousness – your entrance – into the new era.

Marianne Lane is a spiritual teacher and channeler who has been working with channeling from different layers since 2012.

She has a background as a civil engineer in environmental chemistry and microbiology. The teachings she channels are delivered within the void of the consciousness of the new era. This channel is for the broadcasting and delivery of these teachings.

In the different layers, different teachings appear. Some will suit you well, and others might not. You can choose to join and use whatever will suit you the best.

All of her life, she has been living with these special gifts, but it wasn’t till 2011 where she began her acknowledged awakening, she didn’t realize that this was something special.