About Marianne Lane

I am originally trained as an engineer and have previously worked as a specialist and project manager. I have loved working at the university conducting research, where we used molecular biology to investigate microbial degradation of environmental pollutants. Furthermore, I have enjoyed working on research and development within engineering science.

Now I work with consciousness and people in a way that for many seems like a diametrical shift. But for me, it is somewhat the same work – just in a different framework and with a different instrument for investigations. The instrument of consciousness, which is the extended and amplified spiritual senses.

Our consciousness is constantly evolving. Since the onset of the technological age with the use of the internet and various technological devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, consciousness evolution has almost exploded with a myriad of potentials and issues as a result.

Perhaps the extent and complexity are not fully grasped by anyone. Marianne works on studying, balancing, and training consciousness to achieve a balanced awareness that can not only withstand rapid development but also collaborate with it to achieve a better life and better opportunities to make a difference in our reality – both individual and collective.

Consciousness in its new form is called The New Era Consciousness. It is barely explored by its very nature and only just beginning to unfold.

I have always had a somewhat special encounter with reality. From my early childhood, I sensed energy and consciousness in a way that I did not understand was different from how most people experience reality. For example, I have always felt what people were feeling and thinking.

As a child, it was not an easy encounter with the world, but throughout life, I have consciously learned to balance being so sensitive and intuitive. Not least with the inner contact and education that opened up after what I call ‘my awakening’. Although I can look back on a lifelong process, April 2011 is like a turning point.

At that time, I began to gain insights and an inner opening that initiated a development that was painful and interesting at the same time. It was not an easy opening, but it was never boring. At the same time, I felt that I began to gain a deep understanding of what I had actually been balancing throughout my life. At the same time, I got a deep inner intuitive contact, experienced as inner dialogues of wisdom, which surprised and taught me in ways that are difficult to explain.

After a couple of years of expansion and inner enlightenment, I began to teach the insights and understandings that I have gained on my own journey. Most of the teaching is more or less channeled – intuitively. I experienced channeling spontaneously for the first time at a course, and I have worked as a channel ever since in many different ways. The best way I can explain it is an experience of stepping into a better, healthier, more loving, and wiser consciousness, which shows and tells me things that I do not already know.

The development accelerated both internally and externally during the first years, and in December 2013, I stopped working as an engineer to devote myself fully to my new work as a channel and communicator.

When I work intuitively and channeled, I have high demands on what comes through. I collaborate with the messages and experience that they also come with support in energy. The messages and teaching are attempted to be conveyed into reality with as good and concrete examples as possible. The work is broad and deals with both understanding consciousness and limitations, developing consciousness, and thereby becoming a stable, conscious, and responsible person in well-being.

I have a special job, which is also very close to me – working with the understanding of humanity’s consciousness development and the global field and the great portals – here I experience a call to contribute in several ways to humanity reaching peace and balance. When I am in the work, I feel the truth as streams of emotion – from my everyday perspective, I know that whether it is real or not, it contributes to something positive for me and others – as novels and films can do.

As a natural consequence of working with The New Era Consciousness, I and my work are in constant development, which suits me perfectly. The development jumps and takes place both in connection with inner ways and visions, in meetings with people I help, and through meetings and collaboration with a solid team of people working with consciousness and spirituality. Additionally, I am so blessed to have contact with various spiritual people around the world with whom I exchange.