Maria Lauridsen Jensen

“I can recommend Marianne LanesTeaching.If you want to expand your ability to sense and experience life.She can offer you shortcuts to the mystical realms and can magic opportunities.And she also gives you practical tools.to that can assist you in getting even more juiciness out of this life”.

Brian Hayashi

“I have followed Marianne’s teachings for over 10 years. Being a searcher of life´s purpose and meaning all my life, I´m so grateful to have had a teacher and mentor with so much wisdom, love and true abilities. Marianne has had a profound impact and has helped me to balance my body, emotions, spirit and circumstances, expanding my consciousness to reaching new dimensional levels that allow fluent access to my own true inner wisdom. I am forever grateful.”

Julie Mariel

“I’ve taken a lot of courses with her (Marianne) where I’ve learned a lot of very powerful techniques. And I find her a very competent teacher”

Benjamin Lassesen

“Marianne Lane has for me been the best teacher for me. Both when it comes to learning how to give healing and work with energy. But also to ground my spitiual opening and to intergrate it, so I have become more functional and functioning as an everyday person”

Rie Jespersen

“I would like to give my warmest recomendations of Marianne Lane and her teachings. She’s taught me a lot that I use today in my work as a modern day shaman “