The New Era Consciousness

Connect with the power of subtle energies

Expand your consciousness and attune to a field of teaching for the new era in this five-day onsite programme with Marianne Lane.

New Era Consciousness sessions

If you collect a group in your area with 10 or more people, you can book me to come and do the New Era Consciousness Workshop – write to me at webmariannelane@gmail.com

The price will be 640 euro per participant in the teaching

The teaching will be ´New Era Consciousness´: 

Over the years, the Earth’s consciousness has grown and evolved exponentially. Become more aware and collaborate with the subtle energies of this evolved field as you heal yourself and others.

Led by Marianne Lane, this five-day programme will guide you through a field of teachings that will open up this new era field of consciousness together.

Together we can:

Acknowledge the difference between the old and the new era field
Balance our universal connection and being

It's time to tap into the new field

With over 10 years of experience, Marianne Lane holds a teaching space led by inner guidance that is aligned with the new era energies.

Marianne will share access to this field with participants in the workshop, allowing you to have the knowledge of how it works and giving you the simple tools required to keep the access and use it for maintaining your own connection.

Who it’s for
If you answer yes to any of the statements below, this programme is for you!
Are you intuitive and interested in connecting with the subtle aspects of consciousness?
Are you interested in working with energetic modalities?
Do your practise and collaborate with spirit and the field?
Are you an energy worker?
Are you looking for an adventure?

What you’ll learn
This five-day programme will provide deeper insight into the new era and how you can utilise its power and consciousness. With the support of other healers from across the globe, you’ll gain fresh perspectives on the relationship between spirituality and reality. Discover new ways to work with the energies of the new era field.