Stress Relief 6 Day Workshop


Payment is possible in two rates.

A 6 day workshop where you will experience the magic of energywork and healing and how this can support your journey with stress relief. The energywork is brought to you with channeled teachings and sharing’s of experiences from thousands of healings and seer insights. 1st session will be streamed for free  – see the streaming below. We meet online-live:

  • Wednesday the 5th of June at 5-7 pm.
  • Friday the 7th of June at 8-10 pm.
  • Saturday the 15th of June at 4-6 pm.
  • Tuesday the 25th of June at 6-7 pm.
  • Saturday the 29th of June at 4-6 pm.
  • Sunday the 30th of June at 4-6 pm.

CEST Time Zone

We will join in the energy 6 times – the first one is for free and will be shared on my open platforms. The successive 5 times we will find each other Oline in a closed Webinar and on Replay




Stress Relief 6-Day Workshop

We will meet 6 times for instructions and energy work. Each session will start with an introductory lecture and energy work, followed by a time for questions and sharing. Everything will be recorded and made available to you afterwards, so you can use it to repeat the healings.

It is recommended that you use the healings continuously for a period of 3-6 months to achieve the full benefit. It is also helpful to reuse them if you find yourself experiencing stress again later.

Answers to questions and sharings will be provided in a way that benefits everyone. It is possible to ask personal questions, and they will be answered to the extent that if there is time and if it makes sense for all attending.
During our meetings, only Marianne Lane will be visible on camera and have her microphone active. Questions and sharings will be written in the chat field, read aloud, and answered by Marianne Lane with the benefit of all.

The energy work functions, within a secured held field where only positive energies and competence’s are exchanged. The energy work is a collection of healings and energy tools in the new eras version – brought in and developed by Marianne Lane. These methods have been taught to many energy workers who use them in their practice.

It is a good idea to give yourself space to fully receive the instruction and energy work. Have something to drink ready – preferably water. Ensure you have the option to lie down, stand, and sit. Have options to ‘change temperature’ with blankets, socks, sweaters that can be taken on and off. Also, allow time for yourself to be undisturbed. Make sure you can rest afterward and maybe prepare in advance. Have a clock to set an alarm if you doze off, so you can allow yourself that if it happens.


The first days session will be streamed live for free here as an appetizer – and will also be streamed at my other platforms:




Day 1: Stabilization and Acute Release of Grief and Pain

We meet in a stable energy field that supports your system in finding its own stability. Much stress is generated by the instability in your system caused by various reasons. Stress amplifies the instability, creating a negative spiral. In the first session, we break this negative spiral with energy work for stabilization.

In a stressed system, states of grief and pain often accumulate. Grief can be primary or secondary. Primary grief is related to specific experiences in your life. These can be current and activated here and now or stored in your memory library and called forth.

Secondary grief relates to your inner experiences and, for example, the experiences of being hindered and controlled by stress – grief over not being able to do what you want – grief over the world as it is – existential and essential grief. Energy work for releasing grief and pain helps your consciousness and your energy become less locked and makes it possible to breathe through the grief by opening it in love. In its pure essence, grief is an expression of love.


Day 2: Destressing and Frequency Elevation

We release layers of old memory of stress activation, which calls for itself. When your system is burdened with and shaped by stress reactions for too long without being allowed to release and shake them off, it settles into layers that expect a stress reaction. We use energy work to release these layers and replace them with neutral experiences that act as counterweights and neutralizations.

A stressed system struggles to fully enter rest and regeneration mode. Along with the negative spiral we break on Day 1, this creates a lower baseline, a lower frequency to exist from. This leads to lower expectations and perhaps an attitude of caution to avoid deficits and activation. The lower level becomes the norm your system seeks when there is peace. We use energy work to elevate to a new norm – where the frequency and well-being are better and the rest level can be reached.


Day 3: The New Normal and Patience

When we are no longer constantly activated by our system sending us into reactions, old unresolved issues resurface. There is an aftereffect of everything that there was no room for. The things that were postponed. The things that passed us by because we couldn’t handle them. Additionally, there is often activated a grief over the time spent on it and the loss of ‘being oneself.’ The energy work supports the release of the multidimensional grief state and the release of the self that was formed to handle a constant activation of the stress state in the system.

It can be challenging not to jump into all sorts of activities you missed doing when there was no capacity and space. But it is important to proceed with small steps. Both because your system’s strength takes time to build up and because your connection to yourself may have been reduced or directly amputated. Learning to know yourself again and the ‘language’ your signals have internally in your system is a constructive process over time. Energy work with reprogramming and Grail balance (resetting) supports patience and the reestablishment of connection and access to the ‘language.’


Day 4: Everything is Relative – Self-awareness as the New Framework

As you get used to not being constantly activated by your stress system, you can quickly forget how it was. Both because it is not a pleasant topic and because you enjoy all that you can do. Even if you have worked to proceed with small steps, you may find that you are less controlled and have more freedom. This freedom ignites hope for what you can achieve and experience. If this hope becomes too large, it can hurt you. We work on understanding the concept of ‘Appropriate Hope’ and get help from energy work to generate the new consciousness framework with Stabilization and Consciousness Keys.

You open to have a real and realistic evaluation of yourself, your capacity, your sensitivity, and what you need. It is relevant and possible to assess: What is the current burden? What do I know it comes from? And what is the unknown part that I cannot catch, which is always there? You begin to use sensitivity as your ally. It has had room to give you the signal as soon as something burdens you – even without knowing what it comes from and what it is about – you can act on it. You know yourself and can act from your current state and your reaction to what happens – instead of acting ‘for safety.’ This sets much free. The energy work is based on Life Force Enlightenment healing and Heartfelt Love healing.


Day 5: Gearing into the New Self-Sustaining Version

With the peace that settles, a void and a need to be positively filled to avoid self-activating negative programming, which invites you from many sides, arise. Both from within yourself and externally from others. Here, it is an advantage to self-fill with everything that raises your vibration and fills you healthily and positively. Having a whole palette of options to use for yourself is a good idea. It is also here that it starts making sense to have extra time to reflect on the day and find the best time to do so. Finding a version that suits you in your daily life makes it sustainable in the long term. For the energy work, we use Grail healing and Life Force Enlightenment healing.

When you begin to have space and become more free, old immaturities will emerge and want to be cultivated – they invite you to find the version of yourself you thrive in, which makes you proud deep in your soul and makes you happy. Embracing your life and opportunities can be challenging – you wake up to the reality created from your limited starting point. Meeting yourself and your reality in a way where you start to regulate and create a quiet evolution with tiny choices ensures that you can keep up – and minimizes the risk of reactivating your fundamental insecurities and anxieties about changes. The energy work is supported by Consciousness Keys and Reprogramming.


Day 6 The future begins today with sustainable boundaries and foundation

Your perspective begins to open, meaning that what was previously impossible to handle, take responsibility for, make decisions about, now begins to become accessible. It is not because everything is straightforward, and often processing and work are needed before we reach major decisions. The ability to make short-term choices that lead us to the opportunity to make decisions based on life experiences opens up. Our old programming, that intensly demands that everything is the same as it aslways have been, begins to release and relax and thus allows you go into a process of changeThe energy work is based on Reboot Healing from the Source.

Being able to assess and set boundaries that are not fluid, not hard and not angular – but flexible, strong, and stable, creates a fundamental security in your system that is sustainable and constructive for your whole being and system it is not just a possibility but it begins to unfold naturally. Many old things may come up here – and new ones as well. Using the experiences and lessons from the first steps and starting to cooperate with the oscillations that arise is a new path where there is little that can hinder you.
The energy work that supports us here is based on Stabilization for the formation of long-term support.


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