Cosmic Heart Update


Your Cosmic Heart knows more about life and love than we understand.

By entering the Cosmic Heart Update, we retrieve your cosmic heart’s wisdom and capacity for unfolding in your life, your perspective, your strength.

We meet 5 times for one-hour sessions of teaching, healing, and updates, which expand with sharing and questions from the participants



Marianne Lane has, from December 2023 to April 2024, worked on the installation of the part of the cosmic consciousness energy system that we can call the cosmic Control System.

After the installation of the cosmic Control System, we will proceed with the installation of the cosmic functions’ programs – to stay in the terminology, we can call these activations with teachings ‘Apps.’

The first installation was released in April 2024 and will continue to be released throughout the rest of the year and into 2025.


Participants consistently report experiences of becoming more purely present in themselves and being able to handle life and their own basis for being in life in a completely new and stronger way.


You can find the Cosmic Brain Update in the replay version here.


The practical details:

We meet 5 times, and the lecture part itself lasts about 1 hour, after which we open for questions and sharing.
You will receive the link to the webinar in the welcome email, as well as the link to the Facebook group for participants.

You can join online live and on replay – the replay will be posted as quickly as possible (same day or the day after)


Lesson 1

July 23rd from 9-10 pm CEST
The strength of the heart opens to more than the eye can see


Lesson 2

July 24th from 9-10 pm CEST
The capacity for channeling opens in the wisdom of the heart


Lesson 3

July 25th from 9-10 pm CEST
The multidimensional capacity of heart freedom moderates


Lesson 4

July 26th from 9-10 pm CEST
Amazing dimensions unfold within the frame of the heart


Lesson 5

July 27th from 9-10 pm CEST
The landing of the Cosmic Heart in your everyday consciousness.


The teaching lasts one hour each time, and there will subsequently be time for questions and sharing.

The duration of the time for questions and sharing depends on the number of participants.


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