Marianne in Maine

Marianne is visiting Portland Maine
May 2022

Marianne Lane, a Danish channel and seer has been guided to visit Portland, Maine. There will be three days of workshops and there will also be days where you can book a session with Marianne. Marianne’s sessions in Maine are “Essential Core Healing” and “Starlight update – The total reset”. Read more about the sessions below.


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The New Era, presented by Marianne Lane

Marianne Lane Weekend Workshops

In Portland, Maine

The global awakening in you

Price: Free

Friday, May 6th

Presentation and then: The global awakening in you. Everyone has access. We all open up in these times in the collective fields – though in our own way. The internet training supports your ability to download and collect from any tradition on earth – in your own way – tailored to your capabilities. With practical energetic demonstration where everyone can participate.

Price: FREE

Date and time: Friday, May 6th – 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Address: coming. Portland, Maine

Teaching from Source

Price: $ 145.-

Saturday, May 7th 

A channeled but simple teaching that brings in a model that fits modern human reality and opens up your New Era cosmology. With powerful energetic consciousness exercises that bring you balance and connection.

Join Saturday & Sunday: $ 250.-


Price: $ 145,-

Date and time: Saturday, May 7th – 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Address: coming. Portland, Maine

Your inner Wisdom

Price: $ 145.-

Sunday, May 8th 

Your Inner Wisdom – you are already more than enough. Energetic teaching that helps you find balance and open up your New Era healing abilities.

Join Saturday & Sunday: $ 250.-


Price: $ 145,-

Date and time: Sunday, May 8th – 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Address: coming. Portland, Maine

Marianne Lane Sessions

In Portland, Maine

Dates: May 4th, 5th & 9th

We recommend that you record the session on your own device.

Essential Core Healing

Approximately 90 – 120 minutes

About Essential Core Healing:

Essential Core healing works at a deep level to free blockages, which have formed in most people during childhood, and which can color the way you view life throughout adulthood… such that, in the end, you are given a chance to know yourself as you truly are, and to live life to its full potential.

Essential Core healing is a new form of healing, which is channeled through and developed by Marianne Lane.


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Price: $ 364.-

Starlight Update - The Total Reset

Approximately 90 – 120 minutes

About Starlight Update:

In the session we work in the energy and open through:

  • Your karmic themes.
  • Your lineages that create the karmic themes.
  • Your karmic blocks: The barriers and inhibitions they have caused and still cause in your life.
  • Your soul’s mission concerning your karmic themes.
  • Your strengths and everyday potentials that they have given you.
  • The support of your soul’s experiences from the stars is obtained and used to open forces and experiences for redemption and reset in your life here and now.
  • We open the mission of your soul and what channeled words come to you to open it.
  • We open your vision for the next period of time – through the challenges you have in life right now and see what benchmarks they provide.

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Price: $ 364.-

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May 6th

May 7th

May 8th

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