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When using awareness training, you will be supporting the energies surrounding your business and its development. All in accordance with your development within yourself, as well as your strength, your path, and your competencies. In doing so, this will ensure that you will develop your business, while your business develops you.

The teachings are based on concrete project management tools and sales science.

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Business with Marianne Lane

I have been running a self-employed business successfully for over 8 years. Before that I worked as a project manager, product developer and professional manager.

Now I combine my abilities for empathy and energy awareness with the competencies that belong to running a business in a healthy, strong, and constructive way.

I have two products where you can receive my help for your business.

Business Class is private clairvoyance sessions. Energetic Power teaching for Business is an education with online teachings and live courses.

I will teach you to use awareness training and supporting energies in your business and your business development. This, in accordance with yourself – your strengths, your path, your competencies. Your development with your business and your business development with you provides a strong and evolving flow for you and your business. I have a very spiritual perspective but take as my starting point concrete project management tools and sales science

Are you ready to go for sustainability through:

  • Balanced revenue – a balance between the energy you put into your work and your development.
  • Consistency between ambitions, visions, and actions.
  • A balance between your inner strength and your outer strength – finding the accelerating drive that does not provide over-consumption but the constant build-up.
  • Work to find the values that secure the future of sustainability in you and your company.
  • Valuation based on principles that are vibrant, motivating, and evolving.
  • Attracting customers who start the right cascades of development in you and your business.
  • An optimization that nothing is wasted – in the development, adaptation, and promise of both you and your company.
  • To develop skills to use your skills for collaboration in new levels.

Is it possible?

Yes, with a foothold and rooted in the deepest values, wisdom, and access to your spiritual competencies, then it is possible to go that way with your work and your company – to aim for the perfect balance. A movement towards perfect balance provides a movement in your own and your business’s development that is constructive in both the short and long term – even though none of us may ever achieve the perfect balance.

For each module there is

  • A lecture that is two to three hours. You will have access to the video before we meet so that you can watch it beforehand.
  • For each module, you will get two workshop days, where we will meet for an hour twice. Once at 10 am and second at about 3 pm (Saturday and Sunday).
  • We will meet for a Q & A in the middle of the modules.

Can you nod in recognition of one or more of the points:

  • To be in the process of developing your business and your business.

  • You have already been going for a while so you know your challenges as an entrepreneur.

  • It’s hard to get consistency in your business.

  • You’re looking for the balance between vision and action – there are lots of ideas, but it’s hard to get them born as real products.

  • Has been newly hired as a manager or has worked as a manager for a small area or a small department for a while.

  • Works as a leader and needs a fresh breath and new angles that have to aspire.

  • Am ambitious in everything you do.

  • Then you are destined to participate in this course.

Module 1

Set your light for your work – the right energy in pricing

Module 2

Freedom to develop you and your product – bring your creative power and manifestation power to work

Module 3

Collaboration with colleagues customers and suppliers – start-up of the positive energy and initiation of the cascades

Module 4

Project management in several dimensions – shed light on all sub-processes and have timely care in the back

Module 5

Formation of new products and departure of old products – do not change horses in the ford

Module 6

Set the bar with your options and goodwill and not with your long-term ambitions

Module 7

Your title and what you call yourself

Gain insights, energy optimization and internal tools to open up the energy and fire up your entrepreneurship and your entrance to drive yourself and your business in an energy-sustainable way.

Feedback from student

Hi Marianne. 

I wanted to write to you and tell you what the Energetic Power Teachings For Business course has done for me.

I got a 25 hour job quickly, which gave me financial stability.

I found that unnecessary energy consumption at my new job was minimized, compared to the energy consumption at previous jobs.

I have broken an old pattern of fitting in and now I am able to speak my mind right away in front of my boss.

I am trained at many levels on the job, where I have several teachers. I can use the skills I have learned for my own business. Through citizens, leaders and live sessions, 

I use my own medicine (EFT tapping and healing) to take care of and protect the energy in my relationship with my significant other and my family.

I’ve become more aware of my own energy, that I have been given the tools to navigate by; marks of desire, motivation and flow, which gives me joy deep in my soul. 

I have gotten an idea of what products I want in my business and access to fulfilling work processes to complete objectives.

 I listen to my desires and do what I can right now.

I have gained more experience in doing Live with Awareness of Energy Marketing. I have started making more videos and lives where I have not planned the details and what I would say beforehand. I have a greater feeling about being open to the inspiration that comes to me along the way and thus releasing the performance pressure.

Through IVR and the individual sessions, I have been pushed in the direction I would like, despite inner unconscious resistances I had.

I have clarified my website with individual sessions and am in the process of updating my supervision offer. The pedagogical employment inspires me to create a Sustainable Supervision product, which is currently under design.


Sincerely, Hannekia Foged

Supervisor & individual therapist


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