The Elite Teachings is spiritual teachings delivered in energy and channeled teachings. Before you attend this teaching you are a bit of an expert within energy and balances in both life and energy work. This means that you are recognizing different types of energies and know how to handle them. Your basic foundation for this work is brought in with love and with no fight. 


Elite Teachings 1: The Dragon's Tail

The Dragons Tail is the first Course of the Elite Teachings and will bring you in to the possibilities of opening to the strong force in your contact to the complete span of vibrations and dimensions in both the planetary levels as well as in the cosmic span of vibrations.

All modules in The Dragon's Tail

  • Dancing with deamons (open for sign-up)
  • The horn of the unicorn
  • Be a lightning bender
  • Open to your voices ofthe void
  • The source of the sorcerer
  • Stop battles with Fumeus flames
  • Step in to the Avatar awakening


Each module can be taken seperately

Price: 225€ for 6 teachings

Module 1: Dancing With Deamons

5/12-2020 Teaching 1– How to stand your ground secure and sure

6/12-2020 Teaching 2– Catch and release deamons back to source

19/12-2020 Teaching 3 – How to enhance your light with the deamon dance

20/12- 2020 Teaching 4 – Reach further and stronger in your energywork

2/1-2021 Teaching 5 – Team up together with the higher levels to elevate the possibilities in your energy work

3/1-2021  Teaching 6 – How to enhance the force in your energywork


Each teaching is two hours 

  • Elite Teachings will be held in English
  • You can participate live online or via replay
  • You will be given access to a closed Facebook Group for sharing thoughts, questions and comments
  • Your teacher is Marianne Lane
  • After signing up, you will be given acces to a Simplero page with links and replay videos