Teachings from Source

Walk In Teachings - Teachings From Source have channeled teachings that bring you into The New Era

The New Era opens your potentials from the soul and now you are carrying the torch for both you, your family, your society, your world. Every person on earth is carrying their torch of possibilities, as the new era opens as a mutual awakening worldwide.

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This teaching will be for the ones who:

  • Knows that this is happening even though you cannot explain it
  • Feel an urge to do something and better now than later
  • Have had awakening symptoms for a while
  • Have stability in your life that gives you possibilities to decide on how to use your spare time
  • Know that something is holding you safe, but it is perhaps hard to explain
  • Recognize that you are carrying something important
  • Have had a lot of difficulties in your life, have survived and learned from them
  •  Would like a helping hand to quickly grow into the higher potential of your being

Teachings From Source contains three aspects:

The Grail Teachings – Open your connection to balance and access to inner wisdom

The Elite Teachings – Open your ability to be the elite version of yourself

The Power Teachings – Open your possibilities and the manifestation of your intentional power

I offer each part for the price of 3.355 euro and 8.725 euro for the three of them 



Free teachings Themes

Theme 1—The New Era – join the 2th of april 2022 at 16.00 UTC (Click the link)

Theme 2—The World Perspective

Theme 3—Truth, truth, and truth

Theme 4—The grail as a state of consciousness

Theme 5—The conscious work condition

Modules and dates


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