Energy work trip to Peru February 2023

with Marianne Lane and Julie Mariel

We travel to Peru February 2023 to open to the new Cosmic Sun Disc in the New Age consciousness and support the potential opening for the earth to step in as the new universe sun.

Classes and ceremonies from  february 14th 2023 to february 21st 2023.

The energy work is guided by the modern shamans Marianne Lane and Julie Mariel. We are joined by crystal healer Josepf Challco, who comes from the Cusco area originally, and has lived in Denmark for many years. He will talk about the many exciting Inca power sites that he knows so well, and he will show us hidden power sites that you don’t otherwise see.

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We expect to live in Calca, near Cusco, and hire our own driver and minibus so that we can get out and visit the many exciting energy sites in the area. We will , among other things, visit these places where we will do energy work:


• Tambomachay

Tambomachay is a fascinating complex with a still functional viaduct system. Here we will connect with the consciousness of the water, with the energy lines and the spirit of the area.


• Machu Picchu


Macchu Picchu is one of Peru’s greatest sights: a large, well-preserved Inca city that lies 2,430 meters above sea level. In an old observatory building, we make a connection to the spirals from the Spiral Journeys and a water ceremony that strengthens the ability to venture into different elements and be in the difficult.


• Urubamba River

The Urubamba is a 725 km long river that has given its name to the sacred Urubamba Valley through which it flows. By the river we will do a ceremony one evening. The ceremony is about feeling the energy of the stars in contrast to the field of the earth, so that we can feel what we have in common on earth, rather than the differences. By feeling the extremes, we find the balance in the middle.


• Ollantaytambo

Ollantaytambo is an impressive building complex with many high terraces. It was a religious and cultural gathering point in the Inca Empire. Here we will create contact with spatial awareness and open to our own expansion of the part of consciousness that can communicate at that level – so that we can enter the cultural meeting point with our star sisters and brothers.


• Naupa Iglesia

Naupa iglesia means “the old church” and is a mysterious, ancient cave that, with added stone walls, has been made into a small temple, with portals carved into the rocks outside. At the portal there is contact with the old guardians of wisdom – the dragons. Through the portal, we create access to the transfer of consciousness fields and archives, as part of the work of gathering the people of the earth into one humanity. The participants in the ceremony will carry the energy from the common field. We open to the collective solar disc of the new time on earth.


• Sachsayhuaman

Saysayhuaman is one of the world’s most fascinating structures built of gigantic stones, put together with millimeter precision. Here we will open to the common consciousness of the earth and support the opening of the earth’s entrance as the universal sun and our own link to potential full consciousness in this life.

You are welcome to come along if you love an adventure with exciting energy work.

Participation requires no special prerequisites, because the energy work is guided. It is an advantage to be fairly mobile, as we have to hike up to some high points in the landscape. We drive as far up to the places as we can.

Course price: € 820 or $ 881

The course price covers the journey’s guided energy work with healing and personal development. You pay the travel costs yourself for flights, accommodation, food and entrance fees. We make a written guide to which plane tickets you can buy from Denmark if you want to accompany us on the journey, and how you can buy them. You must be covered by your own travel insurance.